Take Your Broken Heart. Make It Into Art – Gallery

Just a short post to say I have created a Gallery page on my Blog.

I’m a strong believer of The Secret and the Law of Attraction, and these pictures are all in an album on my phone. When I’m at a time of need or I feel low, I turn to these pictures/quotes for inspiration, comfort and strength. I calm my mind, and will pick one or two to focus on, read aloud and inspire me.

Some are screen grabs from The Secret Twitter account. Some are random quotes I stumbled across, and some are even from RuPaul’s Drag Race Queens!

I will be adding a new picture for inspiration everyday, as well as attached to my Blog. My aim being that if anyone is feeling how I am, that they shares in this, and it will hopefully help them as it has me. We are all in this world together, let’s help each other out!

Please do feel free to comment, and send me pictures and quotes that you have found helpful and inspirational in the past and I’ll happily added them to the album and share the love!


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