February 10th, 11th & 12th 2017 – Three in one – Including Whoopi Goldberg, and my first kiss since…

So I hardly wrote anything for these three days, I must have distracted myself so much I can’t remember what happened. All the days a moulding into one, very similar.

ps. Let’s not forget the running theme that I’m constantly thinking of G throughout.

February 10th


February 11th

Lie in. Chill out. Town. Shop. Coffee with a mate.
Whoopi Goldberg did her one woman show at work tonight. I couldn’t wait to see it. I love her. I was asked to work the meet and greet before the show. Their where so many people, and so many production staff. I was the bag monitor for the guests who paid to get a photo taken with her. Once all the paid guest had gone, EVERYONE in the room got a picture with her… Apart from me. I had to hold all the production staff’s bags while they got their pictures, and no one asked if I wanted one. How rude. But to be honest, seeing Whoopi pened in with people filing in and out to get a photo made it seem like a zoo attraction. Didn’t feel right. But I guess she made enough money from it.

I got a smile and a wink though, that’s enough.
Watched the 2nd of two shows… She was amazing. Funny, wise, inspirational.
Did a speech about phones during performance to woman in front row filming… She said she didn’t mind but this was her gift to you… Not the phone. To you. Take it in, remember it, be in the present. She is so right. I love her. I added her to my dinner party guest list.

Taxi home… Didn’t come till 1:15am. Got home and in bed by 2am to wake up at 7am.

February 12th

Hillsong. Same. Same. Same. Long. Long. Long.
We went on a night out after it. We were crazy. I kissed someone I work with… I was honest and said about my situation, and I’m not the type of guy to shit where I eat, but I did. I then did a really cunty thing and turned round and started dancing with the guy behind me and we started to kiss. In front of the guy who I work with. Awks. And I’m a knob.

But I apologised and said I’m not in to playing games and acting like a cunt, so I’d rather apologise now and it not be awks at work. Make sure we are on the same page. He’s a lovely guy and deserves better. I need to be kissing strangers, not co-workers. Let’s be sensible.


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