February 16th 2017 – I don’t reminders right now.

Worked two shows at my dressing job. Settled in to it all now, not making so many mistakes. Nothing that people notice but I notice them. It was my last shift before I go away. I’ve loved working there so I hope I get more shifts in March when I’m back.

I get home and start to think about what I need to take. Print out everything I need, start looking at clothes to take. Apparently it’s the worst rain LA has had in years… Why is it always when I go! Ha. Our friends are sending pics , some days rain, some sun. So I’ll have to pack a mixture.

Then I discover I left all my shorts at G’s. I can see them now, in the third draw down. Why didn’t I double check!!?
I don’t want to message G, so I message my ex housemate straight away to see if she could bring them in for me to pick up. She says yes, that G will bag them up for me. Thank god. I need some in case of sun.

I wonder how G felt when she asked him? I wonder if he had noticed I’d left the shorts? I left a few other things that I didn’t want, things that would remind me of him/us, gifts he had given me the Xmas just gone, that I feel were guilt presents. I don’t need reminders right now.


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