February 20th 2017 – He’s had his fun, so can I!!

LA Day!!
I wake up early. I’m always apprehensive when I travel, but this morning I feel extremely emotional and scared. I think it’s because I’m leaving the support system I’ve created for myself here, my friends, my jobs, my family. It’s a scary thought just up and leaving and going half way round the world, but hopefully it will be good for me. I just need to focus on having fun, relaxing and sitting on the beach and looking out to the massive ocean and letting it all wash away.

I say goodbye to my parents who leave for work and then I start to get ready. I leave the house and I’m alone, that’s when it hits me. I wonder if G felt like this when traveling to Mexico on his own? Probably not. It was just more excitement for him. He’s had his fun, SO CAN I!!!!
I call a few mates to say bye, and explain how I’m feeling. They say just to calm down, focus on the fun and once I’ve met the friends I’m travelling with I will feel differently. And I did.
As soon as I saw them I felt in company and a rush of excitement. I have ten days in LA to do whatever I want, go wherever I like, talk to whoever I want. I’m free.

We get through check in and security no problem and head for some food. We don’t have long so once we finish there we head to board the plane. I’m sat next to my friend, who is next to a window seat as she hates flying and needs to see that nothing is falling off!!
Our other friend is so tall he asked for extra leg room, so he isn’t sat with us. I hope he’s ok. I’m sure he is, he’s popped a sleeping pill so he’ll be out like a light.

We surf the onboard entertainment, some good films to watch so I should be able to fill the 11 hours… I start with The Girl On The Train. I read the book when it first came out, and really enjoyed it so wanted to see the film.
BIG MISTAKE!! Totally forgot it was all about adultery, and how Emily Blunt deals with it. Why did I do this to myself. I keep watching it. God I empathise with her. The images that haunt her of what she use to have and that someone else has now. The hell she puts herself through. I haven’t turned to drink to the extent that she has though. I fall in and out of sleep during it which I take as a blessing.
Afterwards I put on deadpool. Bit more action and light relief methinks.

We finally land and it takes two hours to get out of the airport, get bags, and book an uber/lyft. Something about trump being related to uber so we book lyft, I’m not sure, I stop listening if trump is mentioned!

We get to our air Bnb, it’s lovely, but no sofa bed!! We booked it because he said a pull out sofa bed, so we are abit angry about this and plan to sort it in the morning.
Our friends are on way round, but I’ve been invited to a drinks thing with a guy that goes out of town tomorrow, so I said I would go and see him. It’s 12min walk away. I’m jet lagged and not massively in the mood but I head there… When I arrive it turns out it’s a full blown party… But not any old party, it’s a performing party… Everyone is sat rounds while each person gets up and performs something creative. A speech, or spoken word, a song, a rap, guided meditation.
What the fuck have I stepped into?
I wasn’t ready for this.
I hovered at the door while this guy finished his rap, and then made my way in to find my friend. It was lovely to see him, caught up ever so slightly, but he was hosting, so we didn’t get that much time together.
Randomly I knew some faces from back home, around the west end, so I got chatting. I was now part of “The Brits”.
I notice a guy from Glee in one corner, Richard Fleashman in another (seeing him there being a nobody really made me think that it doesn’t matter what you’ve done in London, in LA everyone is on the playing field, everyone is Hustling!) and then, I spot Michelle Visage!!! Fuck my life. I love her. But I don’t go over, I don’t speak to her, I just walk past her. That’s enough for me… I’m not in the right mood for any of this, I’m way too sober. I’ve stepped into what seems like a typical LA industry house party.

I decide to leave… I wasn’t prepped for this, I want to be with my mates, catching up, drinking, eating. So I leave and I literally RUN back. I couldn’t wait to get back to normality.

Thinking about it now… I should have embraced it and stayed. What a random first night. I just wasn’t ready to network in any way!


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