February 21st 2017 – I’ve run away from heartbreak so I’m going to treat myself.

Woke up to RAIN!!! FFS. It then stops and remains cloudy for the day.
Breakfast with the girls in sliverlake. A spot of shopping.
Hollywood stars, Chinese theatre etc … Just like Leicester Square, tourist and dirty.
Walked to west Hollywood and then to Melrose ave. More food, shopping etc.

Very weirdly we went to all the places me and G went too… Even found the bar that me and G were taken too on our first night, and I had no idea where that was! It’s abit haunting that last time I was here was with him, it’s all abit fresh. But now I’m making new memories with my friends and I’m trying to have fun.

We head back to try and nap and the the girls have booked us into Soho House for a meal tonight.

The meal was amazing, at the top of this building with 360 views of LA at night. They had craned in trees, so we were sat dinning amongst and in door Forrest. We spent so much money that night, I’m scared to look at my balance! But fuck it, you only live once and I’m having an LA experience, I’ve run away from heartbreak so I’m going to treat myself.

We end up flagging and just heading back to our air Bnb, to try and get some sleep so we become human again.


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