February 22nd 2017 – he is far distant memories at the moment that I don’t need to deal with.

Sun sun sun!!
Such blue sky, it was gorgeous. The perfect picture of LA. LA is meant to be enjoyed and seen in the sun. It’s glorious. We decided to head down to Venice Beach for brunch and then we head to Malibu for the day!

It shocks me how far EVERYTHING is from one another. You have to drive/uber to get anywhere, and it’s at least a 30min drive to any other part of LA. Then add traffic and it’s longer. But we finally get to Malibu, and head down to the beach. It was extremely windy, but we settled down anyway… We spent 1hour getting there so we were adamant we were going to enjoy it. I loved just sitting and looking out to sea… Realising how big the ocean is, and how there is so much life out there, in the world. It really calmed me. It made me think about G more, but strangely I felt stronger for being by the sea. I just breathed it all in.
We headed down to the pier, and had some warm drinks, which turned into some sundowners. Cocktails while watching the sun set. It was lush!
We tried to get an lyft back home in time for a booking for dinner, but it was taking too long to get and too much money as it was rush hour, so we stayed out and had dinner in the pier, which was just as nice.

We headed back and got ready for drinks just down the road from us. Meeting more of our Brit friends that were out in LA. We are really filling the time here, I’m loving it. Drinks, coffees, lunches, dinners, money money money but I don’t care. Although I’m still thinking of him, he is far distant memories at the moment that I don’t need to deal with. Maybe this is how he felt not seeing me at all after breaking up with me… Just putting it off, avoiding dealing with the horrible situation he caused. Coward.

Drinks were amazing and nice to meet some new people too, but jet lag got the best of my friends they headed home. I stayed out for the rest and pushed through to the end!


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