February 23rd 2017 – Sweet dreams my LA Ex.

Another beautiful day.
We make breakfast at ours for everyone and then head to hike up to the Hollywood sign.
I love doing things like this on holiday, keeping active and going on adventures. We drove to the bottom then hiked up, randomly meeting a friend we all knew from London on her way down. It’s such a small world!

We hiked up. I say hiked, it was actually just a walk up. But sounds more interesting saying hiked! In our LA sports gear, feeling very yummy mummy, like this is a daily thing we do in LA.
The views were incredible, LA is massive! It was such clear blue sky, and because of the rain they had recently the hills were so green. It was just beautiful day to do it on, with brilliant people. Part of me keeps thinking and wishing G was here, but these are my new LA memories with my amazing friends. This is just for me. Sweet dreams my LA ex.

Headed to an amazing place for lunch, which did incredible salads. Salads you actually want to eat rather than feel like you should! Why don’t we have places like this in London? It was amazing. We then headed back to Melrose to out fave shop, where one friends spent $300+ on loads of dresses. She feels guilty but fuck it, we are in LA!

We headed back to try and nap, but it didn’t happen. We got ready, headed to birthday meal in Mexican place. Weird food. Crickets, actual crickets, dead crickets, like a bush tucker trial. They were… Salty. Then on to karaoke. Everyone was lovely. Friends of friends paid, who turned out to be producers who work with Beyoncè, do the Super Bowl. Very random. Then a guy I sat opposite at dinner turned out to be the voice of the Disney prince in Tangled. Which I loved, dare I say it, more than Frozen!

Free drink all night and singing our hearts out. Or should I say shouting them out. Voice fucked. I did all saints never ever… The spoken word Intro. Very fitting to my situation. Hope no one recorded it lol!

About 2ish we hit a wall and went home.


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